Google YouTube Offices

When Google wanted to open a new office in San Bruno, that was YouTube themed, they came to the team that had so efficiently created the physical language of YouTube via the Spaces.

 Each Floor is a heartfelt homage to some of the greatest creators of all time, Stanley Kubrick, David Bowie, Coco Chanel, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Andy Warhol. As one descends from the top floor, they pass by a mirrored image of each groundbreaking artist, once they arrive on the ground floor, the image is merely a mirror connecting them to each of the artists as their own creative possibilities lie ahead of them.

Stanley Kubrick Lounge

Coco Chanel Elevator Landing

The Hunger Cafe

Public Spaces

Andy Warhol Elevator Landing

Andy Warhol Cafeteria

Frank Lloyd Wright Lounge

Coco Chanel Dining Room

The Hunger Lobby

The Hunger Diner