YouTube Space Los Angeles

YouTube Studios LA is YouTube's flagship video studio for creators. The campus contains 6 video stages, multiple post-production areas, a 50-person Screening Room, and a Performance Hall.

The video stages are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including cameras, lighting, & sound systems. The post-production areas are equipped with editing software, computers, and other tools that creators need to edit their videos. The Screening Room is a theater where creators can watch their videos with friends, family, and other collaborators. And the Performance Hall is a space where creators can host live events, such as concerts, panels, and workshops.

Video Control Room

Stage 1 Green Screen

Lobby / Collab Work Area


Over the years, the YouTube Studio space in LA has played host to some of the top creators in the world, from YouTube influencers to Hollywood talent, and top music acts.

Stage 1

Video Edit Classroom

Edit Bay

UK Green Room


Screening Room

Stage 4 (w/Teaching Gallery)

Outdoor Screening Amphitheater