Spotify Studios London

Spotify Studios London is located in a historic building in London's Theater District. It has two state-of-the-art studios, Studio A and Studio B. Studio A is outfitted for audio and video production, while Studio B is an incredible audio studio that can double as a control room for Studio A. Both studios are well-equipped for recording podcasts and audiobooks and offer an inspiring space for artists and producers to create high-quality audio and video content.

Studio B can double as Control for Studio A


Studio A is equiped with Video and Audio Capture

 Audio Studios

All of Spotify's voice recording studios are perfectly matched and tuned for recording. The studios all adhere to the same design, construction, and equipment specs...right down to the audio cables to provide a consistent recording characteristic from any studio in the world.

Video Podcast A

Studio B with Remote Video

Tablet Controls


Green Room / Listening Room

Remote PTZ Cameras

Edit Facilities

Video / Photo Studio